Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some English, late pics and little inspiration... but I'm back guys!

Hello mes amies,
How are you doing?
Today i feel like talking in English, so... forgive me those who don't speak it.
The thing is, lately, i'm lacking imagination (and probably is not the first time you hear me say it...) Damn it!
Don't ask my why, cause i've no clue!
I think I might need more artistic activities in my life. Do you have any advice?
On the other hand, I always think about all these things whenever I have more work to do, so I always end up not doing anything and then regretting it... yeah, that's me!
Oh well...
So, what do you guys want me to show you today?
I had a bunch of pics related with Halloween that i never showed you, but they are quite cool (or so I think), so... better late than never!

And let the inspiration come to me soon!

☮, ♥ 

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